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Teddy "Bear" Dyer

Robert “Teddy Bear” Dyer, or TD for short, was born on an ocean town in the great state of Connecticut. Attending public school, Teddy quickly decided that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and on the ice he might just be. Characterized by his phenomenal speed, quick snapshot, fiery passion after the whistle, and unmatched pregame outfits, he draws a lot of player comparisons among scouts to Cam Newton (NFL, free agent). But it’s cool, Cam Newton was in his prime in college. Off the ice, one might describe Teddy as honorable … he truly enjoys the little things in life – spending the night in with friends, reflecting in the park, and covering himself in sunscreen. Real talk though, you might guess that any kid who carries around a balloon for a week straight is four, maybe five years old, but Teddy is not. He’s a nightmare – that’s what he is, and he’s gonna be a real nightmare for opposing teams for the years ahead. Welcome to Hoya Hockey, Teddy.

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